Monday, September 19, 2016

New and Improved Personal Finance Course

Junior and Senior students at Lourdes Academy High School have responded favorably to the implementation of the Dave Ramsey Foundations of Personal Finance program as part of the revised Personal Finance course.

Personal Finance is a required course for Lourdes High School students and is designed to assist students in developing effective personal money management skills and habits. Areas covered include: banking, credit, investing, financial planning, budgeting, taxes, and retirement planning.
The Dave Ramsey program features a variety of learning videos and "real-life" activities that require students to put what they are learning into practice.
Comments from students include:

"I used to think Personal Finance was boring and the worst class to take. It is now my favorite class. The material is interesting and entertaining, and I am learning a ton of valuable information." - M. Dishaw

"The short videos and fun activities are really helpful and make me want to save and invest my money." - S. Gelhar

"This curriculum actually motivates students to save money and increase their knowledge about managing money." - Mrs. Carter, Business & Information Technology Teacher

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