Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Teacher and Administrator Professional Development

Lourdes Academy High School teachers participated in
a "Teaching in the Block Schedule" workshop on Sept. 21
Lourdes Academy students are not the only ones engaged in learning activities throughout the school year. Each year, our teachers and administrators participate in a variety of professional development activities designed to help them continue improving their instructional practices and our educational program offerings. These include on-site workshops during the afternoons of early student dismissal days, conferences, workshops, and graduate level courses. During the September 21, Professional & Program Development session, our elementary teachers participated in a math instructional workshop, our middle school teachers learned more about the student achievement reports and instructional resources available via the NWEA student MAP tests, and our high school teachers participated in a workshop that focused on implementing instructional practices and learning activities for the block schedule extended class periods. The next Lourdes Academy Professional & Program Development early dismissal date is Wednesday, Oct. 26.

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